"You've Got to Start Somewhere"

By Robert


This is a fairy story! A fantasy about disciplinary girls of whom I have dreamed ever since I last got down from mother’s lap! You will say there are no such girls, and you may be right, but I remain convinced that my dream girls do exist and that they do enjoy smacking our bottoms in the good old traditional way over their knees!


As Rosemary strolled into the common room an acute observer might have noticed a rather fetching blush on her cheeks and a secret smile on her pretty lips. Tilly and Abigail were acute observers, both of them!

“Well, well!” smirked Tilly “Looks like the cat has got at the cream at last! Tell all, Rosie, how did it go?”

“Yes, come on” begged Abbie “How was it for you?” and she gave a rather smutty, suggestive snigger.

Rosie smiled wistfully. “He was so sweet”

“Your first time? I bet it wasn’t his first time” laughed Tilly “Not from what I’ve seen and heard of him. I bet he’d had it before and more than once! He knew the drill, I guess, which would help on your first one. Come on girl! So he was sweet was he? Hey, Rosie, you did do it, didn’t you? Yes, I see from those blushes that you did. Good girl. Now, you saucy girl, tell us all about it”

“Was he good?” smirked the salacious Abbie. She looked at the blushing Rosemary. “Hey, Rosie, you didn’t let him off, tell me you didn’t let the little wretch off!”

Rosemary rubbed her hands together. “Of course I didn’t! I tanned his little bottom for him, tanned it well, I can tell you! And, oh, don’t boys’ bottoms hurt your hand?”

The friends leapt to their feet and embraced her! “Well done, old girl, jolly well done. Sorry for the teasing, old thing, couldn’t resist it what with thjis being your very first time. Now tell all, how did it go, how did he take it, did he fight it, did he yell, did he blub? He didn’t blub, did he? Tell all, tell all!”

“Well, … “ said Rosemary “Let me get a cuppa first then I’m all yours”

Sipping her tea Rosemary looked at her friends. “He was so sweet, bless him, he knew I was going to smack his bottom! I even think he knew he deserved it and, while he clearly didn’t like it, …” she grinned mischievously “ …, well, he wasn’t supposed to like it, was he, he gave me no trouble at all. And, yes, he was my first so that really helped.

“He had broken the rules, that much was clear, and he had failed to carry out a direct instruction I had given him. He had done this in front of his pals, showing off as boys will, and that I could not tolerate, would not tolerate. I told him so!”

Tilly squealed “Rosie, Rosie you’re making me nervous now. You’re so strict it makes me shiver! He knew then it was smack bottom time?”

“Oh, yes” said Rosemary firmly “He knew, he knew alright!”

“And?” urged Abbie “What did you do?”

“Patience, dear girl, patience. He had to wait to find out and so must you. But I promise you, he knew he was in trouble and I fancy he knew he was in for a sore bottom even before I’d told him. But, when I told him to come with me to my study he did not hesitate! Aren’t boys strange? He knew I was taking him to have his bottom smacked yet he came with me like a little lamb.”

“A lamb to the slaughter” giggled Tilly

“Come on, girl, come on I want to hear about his spanking!” cried Abbie.

“Well,” said Rosemary “We went to my study, he trotted along obediently. When we got to the door I thought I’d let him stew a little so I told him to wait and went in shutting the door”

“You rotten girl” said Abbie, admiringly.

“After I’d done a little tidying I opened the door and invited him in. He came meekly enough, his face was a picture, poor lamb! I had the distinct feeling that my very first spanking was going to be easy!”

“Were you nervous? I know I was and I was dealing with a small girl not a big lad” Tilly asked

“I was that small girl, remember? It was me!” squealed Abbie “Was I your first? I wish I’d known I’d have kicked and struggled and made it a bit more difficult for you!!”

“Oh, yes, Abbie, so it was! Did it hurt? It obviously did you good, look at you now, one of us at your age.”

“Look, are we talking about me or you two?” asked Rosemary pouting. “Yes, of course I was nervous. There are all those questions, aren’t there? How hard, how many smacks and, of course, trousers down or not?”

Again it was Abbie, reliving, perhaps, her experience over Tilly’s knee, who interjected “Well, well?” she asked “What did you do?”

“Patience! As I said, he had to wait to find out and so will you, Abbie, so will you”

“Yes, Miss” smirked Abbie.

“I told him that what he had done meant a caning. He hung his head, dear boy, and I swear he looked around for the cane! He told me, yes, he knew that. He was very brave, bless him, very steady. I told him I was not going to cane him, he didn’t know that I had no real idea how to cane a boy’s bottom. He looked so relieved. He did not know what I had in mind for him,”

“Oh, you rotten bitch” laughed Tilly “That’s so cruel. Letting him think he was to get away with it then putting him over your knee! That’s so cruel!”

“Yes, isn’t it?” said Rosemary happily and all three girls burst into laughter. “Then I told him. I looked into his eyes and said, I remember feeling a thrill as I said it ‘No, my lad, I’m not going to cane you. The cane is for big boys. I’m going to do what I’m sure your mother used to do’ Oh, you should have seen his face, bless him, he was ahead of me! ‘I’m going to take your trousers down, put you over my knee and smack your bare bottom for you like the naughty little boy you are! Now, then, what have you to say? A good smack bottom, my lad, trousers down and a good smack bottom. Now,what do you think of that”

For once Tilly and Abbie were speechless, speechless with admiration at the skill and prowess their friend had shown.

“Oh, Rosie, how wonderful! Just like his mummie used to do! Poor boy, how did he take it?”

“Well, I’m pleased to say he looked shocked! A smacked bottom from me? Yes, he was shocked I’m sure but he made no attempt to avoid it. He put both his hands on the seat of his trousers and looked at me. I’m pretty sure he just said ‘Yes, miss’. I was now quite, quite confident that I could do this, should do this, would do this! Is it silly, girls, to say I felt it to be absolutely right that I should put him over my knee and so, I believe, did he. It’s what we’re here for, girls, and I think they they know it! Boys know it”

“And then?” Abbie asked.

“Well” Rosie replied airily “I smacked his bottom, of course.”

She grinned at the exasperated Abbie! “Alright, I’ll tell you all the details!”

“I told him I was going to take him over to my couch to spank him. He didn’t resist, he didn’t look scared but he did look so unhappy, bless him, I could have hugged him. He knew he deserved it and he was going to accept it but he did not want it! Well, would you? I took him by the elbow and he flinched knowing, no doubt, what I was about to do. I walked him across the study to that comfy couch the school has kindly provided for me.. “Wait there” I said “I’ll just go and lock the door – we don’t want to be disturbed while you …” and I left the rest to his imagination! When I turned round having locked the door he was standing meekly where I’d left him gazing it me with a very strange expression on his face.”

Tilly interjected “You lucky girl! You’ve had one of the compliant ones for your first. Boys are strange, aren’t they, they let us girls smack their bottoms much as they must hate it. Some of them, and I think your boy may be one, fall in love with the girl who smacks their bottom. They don’t like the smacking but they do like the smacker! Your lad likes you! If anyone is going to smack his bottom he wants you to! Lucky girl to ‘win your spurs’ with such a boy, others won’t be so easy but now you’ve spanked one you’ll be fine. Now! Tell all! Did you take his pants down!”

Rosemary blushed demurely.

“Now” she said “It was down to business and I think we both knew it. The boy had watched me walk back from locking the door. He knew I was coming back to spank him but he watched me steadily with no sign of alarm, he even managed to keep his hands in front of him rather than protecting his bottom! He watched me sit down.

“I settled myself and, my heart pounding, I reached for the lad and moved him round to stand to my right.

“”Now look at me.” I said “I want you to take your trousers down and get over my knee so that I can get at your bottom” Yes, that got to him, poor boy, that was too real even for him. He swayed as he stood there, his face paled and I’m sure I heard him utter a little grizzly groan but then he took control of himself again, “Yes, miss” he said.

“Tell me” said Abbie “How did it feel to say those words, you know, to take his trousers down, for the first time”?

“Fine” Rosie replied “Really. I had often wondered about the first time I would smack a boy’s bottom, haven’t all girls, and especially I had wondered, worried even, about that order! But it felt fine, it felt right and I was confident, totally confident, that I could say it confidently. And I did!

“The dear boy looked me in the eyes then dropped his gaze – and his trousers! Smoothly he undid them and eased them over his hips. They fell to his ankles. He sighed then, to my delight he slipped his hands into his underpants and pulled them down too!”

“Wow!” said Abbie “And did he get over your knee?” Abbie was clearly spellbound!

“Well” said Rosie “I had to tell him to! “Over my knee with you so I can get at that bottom” I said and he knew what to do! He leaned over and put his hands on my thigh and lowered his body onto me. Oh, girls, you, of course, know how it feels but it was new to me! A boy, trousers down, lying meekly over my knee. I was excited, yes, but I hope I didn’t show it. You two will know how it feels but this was my first and it felt delightful to have this male lying across my lap helpless and defenseless waiting to be punished by me! I lifted his shirt clear and there was his bottom!.”

Abbie sighed. Tilly licked her lips. “What was it like?”

It is well known, of course, that men feel great love and admiration for the female bottom. I know I do. It is not always recognized that girls, disciplinary girls in particular, have an equal admiration for the male bottom especially when it is presented to them for a smacking! Rosie paused to remember that unveiling.

“Sweet!” said Rosie “Firm and rounded and, I swear, trembling. Just right for smacking!”

Abbie gurgled! “Sweet? How nice. Now, did you scold him again before beginning?”

“No, I thought he’d been scolded enough and I wanted to get down to the real business. What I said, and I remember that precisely, was “This is going to hurt. Are you readt?” and he mumbled something which I took for assent!”

Tilly laughed. “What boy is ever ready for that?” she asked.

“This was it!” said Rosie “I had come this far but this was it! I grabbed his right hip with my left hand, pulled his body in towards me. I lifted my right knee and lowered my left. His bottom was lifted and tensed. How did I know to do that? To position his bottom for smacking? No one had taught me! Any way it worked and, as I say, his bottom was raised and tensed. I settled mself, looked at my target and raised my right hand.

It felt wonderful, girls, quite wonderful as if this was something I had been waiting and wanting to do all my life. My open hand smacked down hard on his right cheek, he gasped at the smack and a cute little pink mark, the mark of my girlie hand, blossomed on his bottom. Then I was away, there was no stopping me, I smacked him and smacked him and smacked him hard and long on both cheeks of his bottom. He flinched and gasped but he made no attempt to avoid my smacks, he just lay still, bottom bare and vulnerable, and took his medicine like a good boy”

“Oh, gosh” sighed Abbie “How many?”

“I don’t know! I didn’t count. What I do know was that this girlie little hand …” she waved it “ … was having a definite effect on his bottom and on him! His bottom blushed from top to bottom, both cheeks, from side to side. He was now squirming and wriggling over my lap, and that felt good too!

“Keep still!” I ordered “Keep still I’ve not finished with you yet!”

Now he started to complain! Of course he couldn’t keep still, dear boy, his bottom was smarting under my hand. He started to complain, to grizzle, to yelp with each smack. I thought he had had enough, so I gave him another dozen or so on each side and then I stopped.”

Her friends gazed at her in grave admiration.

“Well done, old thing, jolly well done!” said Tilly, Abbie looked rather dreamy and it occurred to Rosemary that maybe her friend was still a virgin when it came to smacking boys’ bottoms! Well, well.

“I let him stay there after I stopped spanking him. He seemed in no hurry to move but sort of hung pathetically draped over my lap. It felt rather good to be honest and it allowed me to admire my handiwork! His poor bottom was ablaze! No more than he deserved but very impressive. Both cheeks bright red from top to bottom. I gave his right cheek a little pat. He flinched rather endearingly.

“I said “That’s it, my lad and I hope you’ve learned your lesson. I don’t want to see you over my knee again …” I lied, of course I wanted to see him again! “ … but if I do it’ll be my hairbrush next time. Now, lift that bottom and I’ll pull your pants up, gently!”

“He raised his bottom and I replaced his pants. The marks of my smacking could still be seen peeping out.

“I then told him to get down and I helped him onto his feet. His face was as flushed as his behind. Rosemary laughed. He had a strange look on his face, certainly not at all offended or resentful, more sort of penitent and, perhaps, pensive. Coming to terms with what had just happened to him, do you think?

“I reached down for his trousers and pulled them up too. I fastened them for him. He just stood there and let me dress him. I quite enjoyed that too!

“”Well” I asked him as he stood, somewhat wobbly on his pins, I thought, “Do you forgive me?”

Tilly squealed “You saucy minx! You didn’t ask him to forgive you? Really?”

“Certainly! I had hurt him badly and I knew that. I held out my arms and he came to me for a forgiving cuddle. He’ll remember that!”

“I bet he will” said Tilly. “So, it all went well! Good girl, your very first spanking. Did you learn anything?”

“Only this!” Rosemary raised her right hand “Bottoms hurt your girlie hand! It’ll be the hairbrush next time or the cane of course ..” she gave a dramatic shiver “ …I’d love to cane a bad boy! But I’ll need training before I can be trusted with the cane. In the meantime I’m pleased with that boy’s smacking. I had given him a good smack bottom, satisfactory phrase, that, ‘ a good smack bottom! I now look forward to dealing with a boy who does not cooperate quite so much, to getting the trousers off a boy who doesn’t want his trousers taking down, to putting over my knee a boy who doesn’t want to have his bottom smacked.”

Rosemary looked round at her friends. “I know that my boy was easy because much as he may have not wanted his smacking he knew he had to have it and so he cooperated and let me spank him. He was easy! I admit that. But you have to start somewhere!”


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