"Twin Bottoms!"

By Robert


“Will you girls please be quiet!” Mother’s voice was unusually hard and cold and angry. Brittle even! My twin and I were rendered silent with shock and, I, and remember I had not been spanked for years, suddenly and chillingly knew that I was going to be spanked now! I knew that I deserved it too! I gazed up at mother, never had she seemed more impressive. Oh, yes, she would spank me this morning of that I was sure. I shivered in not entirely unpleasant anticipation! Strange girl!

“Stand up, both of you!”

We obeyed. I don’t think Mary Ann sensed our impending punishment, she looked sullen, defiant almost.

“What is it, mother?” my sister asked almost insolently.

“What is it, what is it, indeed? Here am I trying to do some work, trying to earn money to keep you two in the manner befitting young ladies and there you were fighting like a couple of alley cats. You need to be taught a lesson, you need to learn how to behave like young ladies not street urchins. You need to have your bottoms soundly smacked!”

My heart pounded. Would she? Would she really? In a strange way I found myself wanting her to spank me. Could she, would she? Please, I deserve it!

Mary Ann must have been more stupid than I had imagined.

“What?” she asked “You cannot be serious!”

My bottom twitched! Mary Ann had made it a certainty that we would have a smacked bottom!

“That settles it!” mother exploded! “I was never more serious in my life. You are both going over my knee, here and now, for a jolly good smacking on your bare bottoms!” She looked at us. “Yes, my dears, a well smacked bare bottom is just what you need and just what you’re going to have.”

She was wonderful! Her emphasis on the word ‘bare’ was so thrilling, nothing brings a girl down to size more effectively than having her knickers taken down! My bottom flinched.

Mary Ann at last understood. She begged, she cravenly pleaded, she promised to be good, she said it wasn’t her fault (that was true, as it happens!) There was no defiance now, I think she knew she had gone too far. Too late, Mary Ann, too late! Certainly I knew we were for it. My hands went to my bottom!

“Now” said mother all businesslike as she addressed the practicalities of smacking the bottoms of her two big girls! She reached out and took us both by the arm “No more nonsense, it’s too late. Your behaviour deserves a good smacking and a good smacking is what you’ll get. Come with me!”

She led us across the room to a tall backed chair, a chair which I had seen every day of my life but which now held a new significance! I trembled but did not resist. Mary Ann howled and clutched her bottom! I remained fascinated by that chair, could not stop wondering how it was going to feel lying there bottom up over her knee. Oh, help!

Mother released us both and uttered those words, those spine chilling words, know to every naughty girl!

“Take your knickers down.”

“Mother!” Mary Ann wailed in fright! I admit to trembling myself on hearing those words. Bare bottom, well I’d asked for it!

Mother turned to position her chair for the work in hand. Room for her to get us in place without kicking the furniture. Room for her to whack away at our bottoms. She sat down!

I hoisted my skirt and slipped my hands into my pants pulling them down and caressing the warm, soft curves of my bottom as I did so. I accepted in mild surprise that I was about to have my bottom smacked!! It had been ages since I had been in this situation. As I stroked my bottom it all seemed somehow unreal. But it obviously was very, very real! There I was with my knickers down and my hands cupping the cheeks of my bare bottom, what could be more real? I was ready, really I was, I knew I deserved a smacked bottom, old as I was. I thought I was ready to take my punishment. In fact I was horribly intrigued! What was it going to be like after all those years? A smacked bottom at 14.

Mother had been too busy positioning her chair and had not been watching us. I had my own problems and had been watching Mother positioning her chair as I obediently took my knickers down! Mary Ann, in her fright, had not taken hers down as was soon to become clear. Mary Ann’s bottom was still safely in her knickers! Oh, sister mine, you silly girl!

“Mary Ann, come here please!” said mother in a firm but pleasant tone and the drama really began. I felt stupidly relieved that she had not called for me. I looked at my sister who, not surprisingly clasped her hands over her bottom and backed away whimpering. Mother was very patient obviously realising the torment my twin was experiencing. She stood up, stepped over to Mary Ann who stood still transfixed like the proverbial rabbit caught in the headlights. and, murmuring “Come along”, gently drew her to the chair. Mother sat down and smoothed her skirt. She took the unresisting girl by the arm and pulled her close into her side then, with a deft movement, she had her by the waist and hoisted her off her feet. Mary Ann howled. I gasped. My sister was across mother’s knee – bottom up and weeping bitterly! My heart was pounding.

Mother raised my sister’s skirt and there, for all to see, clinging to the contours of her bottom were her knickers! Now mother did scold!

“I told you to take your knickers down, didn’t I? I told you I was going to smack your bottom bare, didn’t I?” Mary Ann wept! Mother raised her hand and gave Mary Ann’s bottom two sharp smacks. Mary Ann screamed. I gasped at the sight and sound of a smacked bottom!, a sound I’d not heard for so long. I clutched my bottom!.

“Can’t you do anything right? I told you to take your knickers down. Now do as you are told!” and she heaved the wretched girl off her knee. “Get those knickers down now and then get back over my knee. Do as I say!”

Oh, help, she was magnificent! She was determined that my sister should suffer the indignity of pulling her own pants down to be spanked. Mary Ann, now totally defeated, did as she was told and slipped her knickers down. I was fascinated as I watched her as she was hoisted back into place. All resistance had gone she was a miserable, trembling, sobbing wreck!

Mother lifted her skirts again and exposed my twin’s bottom upon each cheek of which the red outline of mother’s hand blossomed. I had never really looked at my sister’s bottom before. Well, you don’t, do you? But I cannot be the only girl to have had to stand and watch her sister, or even her brother, having a ‘good smack bottom’! Now admit it! It’s exciting, isn’t it? When it’s your twin and when you know you’re going over the knee after her it’s a bit special! Mary Ann’s bottom, the twin of my soft, warm bottom, now became the most horribly fascinating object on the face of the earth. How did those pink hand marks feel? I watched, much as I might have wanted to look away I watched every stage of the disciplinary drama which now befell poor Mary Ann. I watched knowing that everything she was getting I would shortly be getting in my turn. Have you ever been the second one to be spanked? No? Well, believe me it’s no fun!

Mary Ann lay slumped over mother’s knee. Mother adjusted her position so as to raise Mary Ann’s bare bottom, her bare squirming bottom! A pause as mother prepared herself for her solemn maternal duty then, holding my twin firmly in place, she raised her hand. SMACK! She began the punishment! SMACK after stinging SMACK! My sister’s bottom flattened and bounced with each smack, Mary Ann hung there limp and defeated, she howled, she sobbed.. I clutched my bare bottom, I seemed to have pulled my skirt up as I watched and was desperately clutching my waiting buttocks. I was fascinated, horribly fascinated. Should big girls like us be punished in this way? YES! We were not too big to have our bottoms smacked.

It seemed to go and on and on, my sister was writhing now trying to avoid those smacks which were turning her pretty young bottom into a mass of red, blotchy marks. SMACK, SMACK, SMACK ….! Mary Ann wailed “I’m sorry, mother, I’m sorry!”

Then it was over! Suddenly I realised it was over and I knew what that meant!

I watched as my sister, her bottom blazing red, allowed mother to help her to her feet. She was weeping bitterly as she gently eased her knickers up and let her skirt fall to veil the seat of her discomfort! She was, it seemed to me, weeping for the indignity of the childish punishment she just received as much as for her sore, sore bottom. She turned and shuffled away leaving me to look mother in the eye as she sat with her lap now available for me! Mother smoothed her skirts and raised her head to look, sadly rather than angrily, at me. I decided not to wait! It seemed to me that it might go more easily for me if I cooperated. I took those few doom laden steps across the carpet and stood by her side! Oh, yes, this was now very, very real.

“Look at me” said my mother! I obeyed.

“You have seen me smack your sister’s bottom. She didn’t like it and you’re not going to like it either. Before I put you over my knee, my girl, there’s something I need to say to you. I smacked your sister not because she started that disgraceful cat fight, because, as you and I both know, she didn’t, I smacked her because she could have, should have walked away and avoided that brawl . She didn’t and she’s paid for her silliness with a jolly good smacking.” I flinched! “Yes, you know what I’m going to say! You picked a fight with Mary Ann, I’ve no idea why and I don’t want to know. There’s no excuse for what you did, no excuse whatsoever and you are now going to pay fir it! I shall smack your bottom very, very soundly and then send you both to your rooms to consider the error of your ways.”

This is it, I thought, but she’d not quite finished!

“You are fourteen, the pair of you, and should be too old, too sensible to go over my knee however it seems you’re not! Until you can show me by your behaviour that you’re too old to smack I shall smack! Is that clear?”

“Yes, mother!”

“Right!” she said in a brisk and businesslike tone “Are your knickers down?” and before I could reply she plunged her hand under my skirt and I flinched as I felt her touch on the bare skin of my bottom!

“Good girl” she said, as strange epithet you might think in view of what she was about to do to me!

“Now, are you going to be sensible?”

I knew what she meant! “Yes, mother” and my buttocks twitched.

“Come on, then” she said very gently and I felt her hand on my back pressing firmly. This really was it. I was about to be put into place to have my bare bottom smacked – at 14! I leaned forward and placed my hands on her left thigh. She took me by the waist and I admit I trembled. We worked well together, mother and I, and before I knew it I was there in the position I remembered so very well! Head and shoulders down to her left, hands on the carpet, legs and feet to her right and bottom raised. I was ready and knew I was. Mother lifted my skirts.

“This is going to hurt, a lot! Are you ready for it?” she asked.

“Yes. mother, … and I’m sorry!”

“Good, but you know it’s too late for ‘sorry’.”

“Yes, mother!” and I raised my bottom for smacking.

It was wonderful! I’ve got to be honest. It was wonderful.
Later, in my room, I had time to think about my behaviour – and my punishment! Especially my punishment. It had been very hard and very long and, yes, it had me in tears before the end. I stood, as many newly spanked kids must have done in those good old days when bottoms were smacked, in front of my mirror and pulled my knickers down. WOW!! I was impressed, both cheeks of my poor bottom were pulsing, throbbing red blotches all over, I reached round and tenderly touched them, placed the flat of my hands on them. They were hot! Honestly, they were. Mother had delivered my punishment, my well deserved punishment, with vigour and not inconsiderable skill. I had been well smacked! From the top of my buttocks where I had two cute dimples, down over the plump fullness at their broadest part and down over those sensitive creases at the tops of my thighs. She had thrashed my girlie behind thoroughly.

I turned away and,carefully walked to my bed. I lay face down pulling my skirts up to allow the cool air to soothe me where I needed soothing! I thought it over, that smacking! I remembered how it had felt lying helpless across her knee, waiting. I remembered the feel of the first dozen or so smacks, brisk and stinging on alternate sides. They had not hurt, they had felt rather exciting and my bottom had tingled not at all unpleasantly. I remembered with a shiver how that ‘not unpleasant’ tingle had developed into discomfort. I remembered shifting my position under mother’s firm grip and being told “Keep still! I’ve not finished with you yet.” I remembered soon after as the discomfort became more than just discomfort, how I had started to weep, to sob bitterly as I slumped hopeless and helpless over mother’s soft lap as she smacked me and smacked me and SMACKED ME!

Until this morning I had never really expected to be smacked again, I really thought I was too old for it, but I did not resent it. I had asked for it and, oh boy, I had been given it, …. and that had only been with mother’s hand! What would the hairbrush have felt like? What would it feel like to have Daddie smack my bare bottom over his male knee? I shivered at the thought, he never had, of course, and I was a big girl now! But not too old to spank!

After a while I stood up, feeling rather stiff and awkward, and almost regretfully eased my knickers back up. Next door I could hear Mary Ann still weeping into her pillow, silly girl, it hadn’t been that bad but, I guessed she was crying at the shame, the disgrace, the humiliation of having had her bottom smacked and for something that really had not been her fault. Should I pop my head in and comfort her? No, why should I? I tiptoed past her room and went carefully down stairs. I wanted to see mother and receive her forgiveness while my bottom, my sore bottom, still tingled warmly.

In the kitchen mother stood looking rather ill at ease as she thought over what she had done! She looked at me and, almost timidly, asked “Are we friends?”

Of course I accepted her embrace, of course she had been right to smack my bottom, of course we were friends. She really was marvellous and her strict punishment had been wonderful!

Will it ever happen or am I really too old? Don’t make me admit it!



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